Good design is technology agnostic.

Many companies will shoehorn your project into the same framework they use for every project.

We select the best foundation to build on from your project and operational requirements.

Pre project

We usually schedule a short kickoff project lasting between two days and two weeks to allow us to gather information and work on a tailored proposal. At the end of the kickoff project we can present a more definitive cost and schedule structure, along with some prototypes to clarify expected outcomes.

There is no commitment required beyond the costs to complete the pre project.

On going relationship

Quality software is often critical to the operations of a business. If your business stops when your software does talk to us about a Service Level Agreement .

If you have a frequent need of bespoke solutions tailored to your own customers requirements talk to us about a Framework Agreement.

Software Continuity Plan

Rewrites are risky

If you have an existing code base we can help you modernise it without having to put your business on hold.